Children and youth research paper series

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Children and Youth Services Review

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Street children

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Research to inform the strategic directions, policies and programmes of UNICEF, shape global debates on child rights, and inform the global research and policy agenda for all children.

Cannabis is the most common illicit drug used worldwide and it is used frequently by Canadian teenagers.

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Cannabis use during adolescence can cause functional and structural changes to the developing brain, leading to damage. Marijuana use in this age group is strongly linked to: cannabis dependence and other substance use disorders; the initiation and maintenance of tobacco smoking;.

Effective Policy Strategies to Enhance Mental Health for Children, Youth, and Families.

Development Research Seminar Series in Kuala Lumpur

Increase access to effective, empirically-supported practices like mental health consultation with a specific focus on young children.

Discipline Disparities Briefing Paper Series As featured on the OJJDP website, the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative has released a Discipline Disparities Briefing Paper Series, which consists of three briefing papers on policy, practice, and research related to disparities in.

The Resilience Research for Prevention Programs Series O'Connell, T. Boat, and K. Warner, Eds.) Committee on the Prevention of Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse Among Children, Youth and Young Adults: Research Advances and Promising Interventions, Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council and Institute of Medicine.

Children and youth research paper series
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Results-Based Financing (RBF) and Results in Education for All Children (REACH)