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While women do not have the other power to enact change on your own, she points out that these data are "the wives and mothers, the flaws and daughters of those who do. The fight for women's suffrage, or voting, went on for about seventy years. The fight first officially started in with the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York.

The fight first officially started in with the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. [tags: Women Suffrage Vote] Free Essays words ( pages) Women's Suffrage Essay example - Women's Suffrage Women’s Suffrage is a subject that could easily be considered a black mark on the history of the United States.

The entire history of the right for women to vote takes many twists and turns but eventually turned out alright.

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The traditional view of women in society was to stay at home, clean, raise children, and to help with the family farm. This view started to change around the late 19th century and during the industrial revolution. The women suffrage was first introduced to the congress in The bill failed at least two times when it did not gain the support of two thirds majority required to pass a bill in the senate.

Women started participating in politics and being voted for positions in the government (Sochen). “ In conclusion, although evidence is incomplete, it would appear that women’s suffrage would not have succeeded without consistent campaigning of the pre-war years.

From the mid ’s a wide range of methods were used to persuade the government and the public of the justice of the cause. - The Acquisition of Women's Suffrage In this essay I will Asses the validity of the two views on why women over 30 gained the vote in Some people believe that women got the vote because of the struggle to gain the vote, for example the activities of the Suffragists and Suffragettes.

- People always seem to think that woman’s.

Woman suffrage essay conclusion
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